A Report: Men are Unhappy with Penis Enlargement Results

Penis enlargement surgery has become increasingly popular. However, as of 2006-which we realize is four years ago already-men are reported as not being happy with results of surgery used to enhance their endowment.

This slightly disappointing report became public four years ago. The information was pulled from the St. Peter’s Andrology research results.

It was a rather informal quiz of only 42 men who had received surgery at the London clinic where these surgeries taken place. However, the results still were significant.

Two-thirds of this group of 42 men was unhappy with the penis enlargement surgery results. Does that mean that the procedures performed were not at all effective?

Expected Results

It is reported that the average size increase was 1.3cms. This actually is quite a significant gain. However, when men receive spam e-mails every day indicating that they can gain two or more inches this can be disappointing.

It can be very discouraging, considering the cost of penis enlargement surgery. It also can be a letdown considering the risk involved in getting an operation, especially one that is invasive.

This is one main reason why men are encouraged first of all to stop reading certain advertisements. Second, men are advised to find less expensive means of accomplishing what they would have hoped to achieve with surgery.

Psychological Implications

The subject of penis enlargement often is very personal. For some men it had lead to getting a second surgery done if they were not as satisfied with it as they were the first time.

This could possibly be the start of a fixation on the size of his endowment. At some point doctors have to say no to a man as oftentimes the obsession with size may be a psychological problem.

That is why in some instances professionals agree that a penis enlargement operation should be a last resort. Therefore, an effort is being made currently to help men consider non-surgical options.

Further research is also being conducted on a variety of penis enlargement methods. This is done to show men what other options are available to them. For instances, maybe a doctor might suggest a certain medicinal or herbal treatment. The other option would be perhaps mechanical equipment and exercise programs.

Before any effort is made to improve endowment, however, other changes are often recommended. For instance, counseling is often recommended. This will help a man improve his overall self-image so that how he feels about himself is not dependent totally upon penis enlargement.